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Data Recovery

Computer failures and hard disk crashes can be costly. Not the hardware replacement cost but the cost of lost data and time.

We have been in this situation many times. Computers just don’t start sometimes, it happens, it is a fact of life. You must be prepared.

Contact us, so we can to start to minimise the impact when a disaster happens. We can help you in the following ways:

  1. Establish a professional data back-up management procedure.
  2. Re-install software and restore crashed computers to their last backup.
  3. Attempt to recover physical data, still on your crashed hard disc.

When it really hit’s the fan!

Data recovery from damaged harddiscs, flash drives and USB sticks is an extremely specialised job.

We have partners that provide 24 x 7 support with Class 100 Clean Rooms for data recovery. There is a ’No Data, No Charge’ service guarantee. If no data is recovered, no fee is charged. It is that simple.


Call us now if you are not confident in recovering from a major computer crash.

We will assess your situation and present you with an economical solution.


A sample of our work from over 25 years of commercial experience in developing IT solutions. Read more...

Free Quotes

Free Quotes Canberra, Forster, Taree, Port Macquarie
Contact us for an obligation free quote for your next Website. We will also arrange an initial on-site consultation at your convenience - no charge. Read more...

Custom Software

Software Development Canberra, Forster, Taree, Port Macquarie
We also design and develop customised MS Windows software. Save time, become more competitiive and increase productivity with customised software.   Read more...

Why Modern Web?

  1. Providing solutions since 1984.
  2. Business and computing experience.
  3. Cost effective, realistic pricing.
  4. Commercial quality solutions.
  5. Our clients are very happy with us!