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Database Applications

Add database functionality to a website and you get a rich, dynamic, web application. Programs read the database and build dynamic web pages based on information entered by the user. Different users can have access to different information. Website owners get to modify their websites directly, without the need for web developers. This is a cost effective and convenient solution for any website owner. Databases bring versatility and flexibility to websites.

We specialise in building interactive, dynamic websites that enhance the user’s experience on the web.  Databases allow us to develop an interesting range of websites:

  • Brochure/Information sites
  • Event Booking and Scheduling sites
  • E-commerce sites
  • Online catalogues and shopping sites
  • Newsletters, Blogs and Forums
  • Client Contact Registers
  • Web Surveys and Customer Feedback sites

All major websites rely on databases.

Our experience enables us to design efficient databases that deliver fast and efficient content to our client’s websites. Good design results in databases that are expandable, maintainable and easy to use.

Content Management Systems (CMS) use databases. We build these systems to allow our clients to control their website information without having to delve into the realms of website programming.

Database Flexibility

We design all our new database systems using the industry recognised 3-layer approach. This best practice design is recommended for all commercial applications:

  1. Presentation Layer (what you see)
  2. Business Layer (what happens when you interact with the system) 
  3. Data Access Layer (accessing the database)

Harder to write but easier to enhance and maintain. We also take the 3-layer model one step further by allowing any system to store its information in any one of the following database types: 

All our database driven websites employ the 3-layer architecture. We have done the hard work, developed the tools, so you get to benefit. We do not charge extra for this advanced feature!

We have extensive experience in building commercial database applications. No two sites are the same, so we tailor our database solutions for each client. We use the technology that best suits each application’s environment giving our client the best result.

Windows Database Solutions

We can quickly produce simple, single user database systems that are easy to maintain and require no on-going administration or technical skills from our clients. We can also design and develop complex commercially critical systems that allow simultaneous access by many users.

We build database solutions for all types of applications:

Desktop applications
Networked database systems
Client-Server development
3-layer or n-tier database architecture systems

In larger database applications we encourage a 3-layer database architecture which is easier to maintain in the future and allows more options for expandability.

We specialise in client-server networked database systems. These systems operate quickly over a network, offer expandability and provide a level of data security that cannot be matched by less sophisticated file based systems.

Not all sites have the latest computers. Not a problem, we can design Win32 database applications for clients that have older hardware and don’t want the expense of upgrading their computers and/or network. We can also write applications that interface into old database systems to produce new features, extending the life of these legacy systems.

We optimise our database systems to return the best possible performance for the available hardware. Some of the factors that influence the design include:

  • The age of the computers,
  • The networks speeds (10/100/1000),
  • The client’s budget,
  • Legacy software,
  • The number of users and
  • The amount of data being stored, queried and reported.

Running in different computer environments like:

  • Older Windows based Pentium computers using Win32 programs or
  • Windows Quad core based computers using .NET Windows Forms or WPF programs.


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