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Google® offers a lot of very good tools to Web developers. Most are FREE and you could be using them. Contact us now so that we can include these services into your website.

Google Maps
Google Adwords
Google AdSense
Google Analytics
Google Search
Google Web Optimiser

Are you using these features and getting the most out of your website?

Google Maps(c)

Google Maps can be used to display your business location for customers. Display satellite, street map or street view images. You can even display a list of locations, like rental properties, tourist destinations or houses for sale.

Let us show you how to integrate Google maps into your web application.

Google Satellite image of Forster.

Google Street image of Forster.

Google StreetView image of Wharf Street, Forster.

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Google AdWords(c)

Adwords helps you target your local market. You design an ad and Google displays the ad when people search for the words that you specify, hence Adwords.

When a person clicks on your ad they are directed to your website. You only pay Google when a person is referred to your website. Your location can even be displayed on Google Maps via Adwords.

Let us show you how.

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Google AdSense(c)

Generate revenue from your website! AdSense lets you display Google ads in your website. You receive payment from Google when a person clicks on these ads. Google matches the ads to your site’s content.

We can set this up for you.

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Google Analytics

Let Google analyse the people that visit your website. Use this information to enhance your site and improve the content and site marketing. Some of the things you will know for any date:

  • The number of site visits
  • The number of unique visits
  • The number of new visitors
  • The number of actual page visits
  • Which pages were visited
  • What countries your visitors come from
  • The time spent at your site
  • Which sites referred your visitors
  • The browsers used to view your site
  • The internet connection speeds of your visitors

Example of one of the Google Analytics reports.

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Google Search(c)

Let users search your website content using the Google search engine. It is fast, reliable and familar. We can integrate Google search into your website.

Let us show you how to add that professional touch to your website.

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Google Web Site Optimiser(c)

Website Optimiser is a free website testing and optimisation tool from Google. It can test and optimise site content and design, so you can make informed decisions regarding website changes.

We can show you how to best use this tool.

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