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Web Graphics

Graphs help you quickly and easily analyse numerical data. Easy to view and a very professional means of displaying your business information to your clients. 

Modern Web can produce web based graphics from a wide range of data sources. Talk to us about what would best suit your application. Available chart types include:

 3D Charts  2D Charts
  • Manhattan Bar Chart
  • 3D Bar Chart
  • 3D Stacked Bar Chart
  • 3D Full-Stacked Bar Chart
  • 3D Line Chart
  • 3D Step Line Chart
  • 3D Spline Chart
  • 3D Pie Chart
  • 3D Doughnut Chart
  • 3D Area Chart
  • 3D Stacked  Area Chart
  • 3D Full-Stacked Area Chart
  • 3D Spline Area Chart
  • 3D Stacked Spline Area Chart
  • 3D Full-Stacked Spline Area Chart
  • Bar Chart
  • Stacked Bar Chart
  • Full-Stacked Bar Chart
  • Point Chart Bubble Chart
  • Line Chart 
  • Step Line Chart
  • Spline Chart
  • Area Chart
  • Stacked Area Chart  
  • Full-Stacked Area Chart
  • Spline Area Chart 
  • Stacked Spline Area Chart
  • Full-Stacked Spline Area Chart
  • Pie Chart Doughnut Chart
  • Stock Chart
  • Candle Stick Chart 
  • Range Bar Chart
  • Side-by-Side Range Bar Chart
  • Gantt Chart 
  • Side-by-Side Gantt Chart
  • Radar Point Chart
  • Radar Line Chart 
  • Radar Area Chart
  • Polar Point Chart
  • Polar Line Chart 
  • Polar Area Chart

Sample web charts...
web graphics web graphics


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